“Matthew, age 9, has been more coordinated in sports. His writing is much tidier and faster. He is much calmer, less fidgety, and better able to concentrate. His confidence has improved greatly!” 

Stephanie B. Auckland


“As  parents of two children with special needs, we have found Helma to always be a positive influence in our lives.
She has wonderful enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Her manner is gentle, friendly and patient. She has a natural ability to communicate extremely effectively with children.
Helma has helped our children with academically challenging areas. She has also helped them improve their coordination, physical fitness, social skills, confidence and self esteem.”

Mrs J.C  Auckland


I really enjoy going to see Helma.
It is fun to learn with her and she really understands me.

Rebekah, age 9.


I have Dyspraxia. This affected me in lots of ways. My coordination wasn't very good.
My ballskills weren't good either and I wasn't very confident.

Helma developed special exercises for me and I have improved so much.
My balance is so much better and my ballskills have really improved.
This is important to me as I play netball and basketball.
I am also much more confident in myself.

Helma makes it fun for me and makes lessons a fun, safe place to be.

Iona, age 11.



(North Shore, Auckland)

Helping children and adolescents with Learning Difficulties, Developmental Delay, Emotional and Behavioural Problems and Underperformance (by Gifted Students) to reach their potential.


Advisory Service for parents of children and adolescents with special needs, to support them in their unique, often very challenging role.

Assisting adults to deal with stress related life challenges, difficulties with learning and/or physical problems, e.g. coordination and balance. 


Challenges in the following areas?

  • Reading, handwriting, spelling, maths
  • Balance, coordination, sports performance
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Concentration, attention, listening and memory skills
  • Organisational and planning skills
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Energy levels and motivation
  • Visual processing and Auditory processing
  • Sensory integration/sensory processing
  • Social skills and self care skills
  • Behaviour/ emotional: frustration, anger, stress, anxiety, depression

Learning Difficulties, Developmental Difficulties and Other Diagnoses