"As a result of Helma's input my son H, aged 7, is calmer, stronger and his balance has improved. 

His teacher has noticed a big improvement in his concentration and he is less tired and more focused."

Mrs B, North Shore, Auckland


Our son saw Helma Dalton regularly.  In that time he has transformed from a distracted child who rarely followed instructions, was difficult to communicate with and wrote very little into a child with far greater self-confidence, who is making friends, loves to draw, is getting better at writing and is beginning to excel academically.

Helma’s firm but gentle manner has made our son feel safe and supported while benefiting from a programme Helma developed specifically for him drawing on her many years of experience across a number of fields.  She has also provided guidance to us as parents that we have found immensely valuable.

Helma has changed our son’s life for the better.  We have no hesitation in recommending her.

G & S North Shore (Auckland)


Helma is available to support parents in their complex role of parenting a child or adolescent with a learning, motor or behavioural difficulty.

A session can be arranged to discuss a child's or adolescent's specific challenges and together find solutions. A session can also be held by phone or on Skype, particularly for people outside the Auckland area.

 Areas discussed could include:

  • Child's specific learning and motor development needs
  • Concerns regarding child's emotions and behaviour: anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, fears, obsessions, depression, night terrors, bedwetting.
  • Sibling's issues: jealousy, physical violence
  • Sensory problems/sensitivities: e.g. oversensitive to noise, touch, taste (picky eater)
  • Therapy options or options of other service providers
  • Suggestions for activities that could help address a child's challenges
  • Support groups/contacts for parents
  • How to advocate for your child in a school setting