"My daughter Imogen, aged 9, has Developmental Delay. She loves her sessions with Helma. It is her time to learn, in an environment where she feels safe, comfortable and happy. Helma gently encourages her and manages to get her to do activities that no one else can. Her patience is endless and she makes me as a mum feel supported.

Imogen has improved in all areas, fine motor, gross motor, language and confidence.
But for me the most important is that her abnormal movements have diminished and she is much more relaxed and confident around everyone."
Mrs N.C. Auckland

"My 7 year old daughter first came to Helma with poor coordination, lack of strength and balance. Through Helma's guidance and focus on the core issues my daughter had, in less than 12 months my daughter is balancing on a balance board, standing on one leg, doing star jumps, swimming 150 mtrs and can coordinate to do all strokes, runs to class with her back-pack on, doing squats and more. Amazing progress! THANKS HELMA!!!"



Therapy sessions are individualised, movement-based and drug-free! 

An initial assessment identifies the client's strengths and challenges in learning and development/physical functioning. This is followed by one hour long therapy sessions, usually once a fortnight or as required.

An individualised home exercise programme is provided and updated at each treatment.

The exercises gradually stimulate the development of new neural pathways in the brain.

Skills, which are critical to a person's ability to learn, are developed, so gaps in development can be bridged and learning can happen more easily.

Helma is passionate about helping people of all ages to improve their confidence and self esteem.  Parents of children are supported to help them understand their child's specific learning needs, developmental issues and/or behavioral challenges.

Input at school can be arranged as required.  Therapy sessions in schools can be provided for individual children, small groups or for whole classrooms.

Therapy sessions for adults are aimed at:

  • regaining physical and emotional balance in life
  • defusing stress
  • achieving goals
  • pain relief
  • performance enhancement