"Helma worked with my son M. during his last year at primary school and his two years at intermediate.
He has excelled at college beyond anything we could have hoped for.
He currently plays cricket for his school's first eleven team and has been chosen to represent the school in the national underwater hockey champs.

Academically he is excelling in all his subjects. He is in the top maths, english and science classes. He shows a flair for computers, is achieving excellence marks in history and has just been awarded a two week AFS scholorship to Japan.
M. has grown into a lovely, talented, motivated young man with a large group of very good friends.

Helma's work with him gave him the confidence and self belief he was so lacking in after years of struggling at school. He has carried through to college the skills Helma taught him and everything has fallen into place allowing him to excel at everything he has put his mind to."
Mrs S.B, North Shore, Auckland


I have finished my sessions with Helma.
I am now good at maths and at drumming and I learnt good writing.
I have also started karate and I love it.

Ben, age 11



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