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Helma Dalton

I'm passionate about helping children and adults overcome developmental, learning, behavioural and emotional challenges.

I'm an experienced practitioner with an array of knowledge, skills and techniques that makes a difference in my clients everyday lives.

I work with children in the context of their home, school and social list and with adults in relation to all aspects of their life.  Sessions are tailored to suit the individual's needs in order to unlock the potential that is there.

My clients come from all age groups, from the young age of three, through to teenagers and adults.



I will help you and your child to understand presenting challenges and as a team we will work together to overcome them.

Your child can then show their amazing potential and feel confident and happy!


I will help you regain a better balance in your life that may currently feel chaotic and stressful.

With my guidance you can get back on track and feel happy and in charge of your life again!


Get in touch!

You can contact me to discuss the presenting challenges and to see if I could be the right person to help you!

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