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I have found combining my skills in OT and Brain Gym®/Educational Kinesiology provides an effective integrated approach. Touch for Health, Primitive Reflex Integration, Rhythmic Movement Training and Sabotage Clearing may further enhance my input with your child or yourself. I aim to suit your child/your needs in a calm, positive and friendly environment.

Prior to the first session we have phone contact so you can provide me with relevant background information and your goals for my program and I can answer any questions you may have.

The initial session identifies the strengths and challenges in learning, developmental, behavioural and emotional functioning. This is followed by one hour long sessions, usually once a fortnight or as required.

An individualised home exercise programme is provided and updated at each session. The exercises gradually stimulate the development of new neural pathways in the brain.


There can be many reasons why development has not happened at age level, particularly during our early years. Stresses during pregnancy, pre-maturity, Caesarian birth, other stresses during birth and the period after can all affect a child's development. Our first 7 years provide a major period of life that may affect us to a lesser or greater extent later on in life.

My Program uses movements that a child may have missed out on and as such provide a second chance for the brain to grow the connections needed for optimal functioning. Even adults may have stresses in their life the origin of which can be brought back to during these early years. An example is the Moro (fight and flight) reflex, which is a reflex which develops in utero and forms the basis of our coping with stress at any time in our life.

If the reflex is still very active after the first 6-9 months of life, over reacting will take place even to minor stresses with a fighting or fleeing reaction. I have specific activities that will help calm this reflex, which will then help a person lead a calmer life! So skills that are critical to a person's ability to function effectively are taught, therefore gaps in development will diminish.



  • The initial session of 1 1/2 hour $165
  • Further hourly sessions $105

Starting the conversation

Please feel free to call me for a 10-15 minute consultation to discuss you or your child’s challenges, ask me questions and to see if I can be the right person to help you. You can of course also email me through the contact page and describe the challenges you would like me to address.