About Me

Helma Dalton Dip COT  

Trained in:

Occupational Therapy

Brain Gym® 

Educational Kinesiology

Additional training in:

Reflex Integration,  Rhythmic Movements,  Touch for Health, Sabotage Clearing

and registered as a Natural Health Practitioner of New Zealand.


I'm a specialist in my field, working with clients who have learning differences, developmental delays, behavioural challenges and stress.  I have over 25 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, primarily in Paediatrics, but also with adults. Working from a holistic perspective and combining different modalities to suit individual needs, has proven to be very effective. I am very keen to make a difference!

Born in Holland, I completed my OT training in London and have since worked in the UK, Holland and New Zealand. Once in New Zealand I initially worked in North Shore Hospital (General Medicine and Geriatrics). After I worked for several years in a Physically Disabled Unit at North Shore Primary School.

Following this I went on to work in the Child Development Unit, based in the Wilson Centre for 5 years. I treated children with learning difficulties and/or developmental delays in the Wilson Centre and schools all over the North Shore of Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast. Post this, I became a founding member of the first Dore Achievement Centre in New Zealand for a duration of 3 years in which I treated children and adults with learning difficulties.

In 2007, I opened my own private practice 'Focus Therapy' in Mairangi Bay on the North Shore of Auckland, where I now work with children and adults who have challenges in education, health, sports, business and personal development.

I'm highly passionate about my work and advocate to increase awareness about the challenges of the people I work with. Having held several public lectures, presenting to parents, teachers and professionals that aims to raise awareness and provide useful strategies. 

Training can also be provided in Brain Gym®: Introduction to Brain Gym, a one day certificated course or presentations on Brain Gym, adapted to the needs of the audience.