Matthew, age 9, has been more coordinated in sports. His writing is much tidier and faster. He is much calmer, less fidgety, and better able to concentrate. His confidence has improved greatly!
— Stephanie B, Auckland
I have firsthand knowledge of Helma’s exceptional know-how and skills.

She has worked successfully with my son S. I have been impressed by her compassion, patience and positivity.

Helma’s hard work, intuition and expertise at identifying conditions/challenges in people and then working with them to overcome them, is magical to watch, especially when it is your own child.

Helma is an exceptional teacher and Therapist - a true inspiration!
— Mrs R, North Shore
Helma Dalton was employed by our school to work with a group of boys that were having difficulty with gross motor/fine motor, balance and concentration. Her commitment to the well being of children is clearly evident and her experience and knowledge in the field of Occupational Therapy is extensive.

Helma was a pleasure to have in our School. Her holistic approach to therapy ensures that all aspects of a child are considered. She takes the time to get to know individual children well.

She also works closely with parents and teachers to communicate the child’s needs and shares many ideas on ways to support them. The boys Helma worked with made significant progress in all areas of school life. Both parents and teachers commented on the positive difference in the children. We will be doing our very best to get Helma back into our school working with children.
— Deborah Barclay, Deputy Principal
As parents of two children with special needs, we have found Helma to always be a positive influence in our lives. She has wonderful enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Her manner is gentle, friendly and patient. She has a natural ability to communicate extremely effectively with children.

Helma has helped our children with academically challenging areas. She has also helped them improve their coordination, physical fitness, social skills, confidence and self esteem.
— Mrs J.C, Auckland
My 7 year old daughter first came to Helma with poor coordination, lack of strength and balance. Through Helma’s guidance and focus on the core issues my daughter had, in less than 12 months my daughter is balancing on a balance board, standing on one leg, doing star jumps, swimming 150 mtrs and can coordinate to do all strokes, runs to class with her back-pack on, doing squats and more.

Amazing progress! THANKS HELMA!!!
— Michele
I really enjoy going to see Helma.
It is fun to learn with her and she really understands me.
— Rebekah, age 9
I have Dyspraxia. This affected me in lots of ways. My coordination wasn’t very good. My ball skills weren’t good either and I wasn’t very confident.

Helma developed special exercises for me and I have improved so much. My balance is so much better and my ball skills have really improved.
This is important to me as I play netball and basketball. I am also much more confident in myself.

Helma makes it fun for me and makes lessons a fun, safe place to be.
— Iona, age 11
My daughter Imogen, aged 9, has Developmental Delay. She loves her sessions with Helma. It is her time to learn, in an environment where she feels safe, comfortable and happy. Helma gently encourages her and manages to get her to do activities that no one else can. Her patience is endless and she makes me as a mum feel supported.

Imogen has improved in all areas, fine motor, gross motor, language and confidence.
But for me the most important is that her abnormal movements have diminished and she is much more relaxed and confident around everyone.
— Mrs N.C. Auckland
As a result of Helma’s input my son H, aged 7, is calmer, stronger and his balance has improved.

His teacher has noticed a big improvement in his concentration and he is less tired and more focused.
— Mrs B, North Shore
Our son saw Helma Dalton regularly. In that time he has transformed from a distracted child who rarely followed instructions, was difficult to communicate with and wrote very little into a child with far greater self-confidence, who is making friends, loves to draw, is getting better at writing and is beginning to excel academically.

Helma’s firm but gentle manner has made our son feel safe and supported while benefiting from a programme Helma developed specifically for him drawing on her many years of experience across a number of fields. She has also provided guidance to us as parents that we have found immensely valuable.

Helma has changed our son’s life for the better. We have no hesitation in recommending her.
— G & S North Shore
Helma worked with my son M. during his last year at primary school and his two years at intermediate. He has excelled at college beyond anything we could have hoped for. He currently plays cricket for his school’s first eleven team and has been chosen to represent the school in the national underwater hockey champs.

Academically he is excelling in all his subjects. He is in the top maths, english and science classes. He shows a flair for computers, is achieving excellence marks in history and has just been awarded a two week AFS scholorship to Japan. M. has grown into a lovely, talented, motivated young man with a large group of very good friends.

Helma’s work with him gave him the confidence and self belief he was so lacking in after years of struggling at school. He has carried through to college the skills Helma taught him and everything has fallen into place allowing him to excel at everything he has put his mind to.
— Mrs S.B, North Shore
I have finished my sessions with Helma.
I am now good at maths and at drumming and I learnt good writing.
I have also started karate and I love it.
— Ben, age 11